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Michael and the Monster


‘ROOAARR!’ growled the monster loudly.

‘Yaaaarrrgh!’ Michael cried. Running into his room he slammed the door and dove under his bed.

After a few minutes, he heard the sound of the monster fade away. With a deep breath, he crept out from under the bed and snuck across the room. He opened the door just a crack and looked out. The creature was gone. Tiptoeing into the hallway, quieter than he’d ever crept before, he reached the stairs and began to climb down.

He found his father reading the newspaper in the living room, his glasses sitting low on his nose.  Michael ran across the room and began tugging at his father’s sleeve. ‘Dad! Dad! There’s a monster upstairs!’

‘What kind of monster is it?’ his father asked, lowering the paper.

‘It’s got hair and tentacles and great big mean eyes and stuff, all growing from everywhere!’

His Dad chuckled. ‘You go tell that monster that you aren’t scared of it and it should go back to wherever it came from.’

‘All right, Dad, I will!’ As his father went back to reading the paper, Michael marched up the stairs ready to tell the monster off.

But when he got to the hallway the monster was waiting for him. ‘ROOAARR!’ it growled and started towards him, flailing its tentacles.

‘Monster!’ Michael stood tall. ‘My dad said t-’

‘ROOAARR!’ The creature growled again rushing straight towards him.

‘Yaaaarrrgh!’ Michael cried. Throwing his arms in the air, he ran into his room and slammed the door.

A few minutes later, when the thumping steps of the monster had again faded away, Michael crept out from under his bed. He checked the hall was clear before tiptoeing down the stairs, even quieter than before.

In the kitchen his mother was mixing a fresh batch of cookies, her apron covered in flour.

‘Mum! Mum! There’s a scary monster upstairs!’

‘Don’t be silly, Michael, there’s no such thing as monsters,’ she said, continuing to stir the mixture in a large bowl.

‘But there is, Mum, I swear. It’s got hair and tentacles and great big mean eyes and stuff, all growing from everywhere! And it jumped out at me when I was in the hall.’

‘Oh, I see. Well, if there is a monster, I know just the thing to make it go away.’ She opened a drawer and took out a clean wooden spoon. ‘Go tell the monster that you’ll whack it on the bum if it doesn’t leave you alone.’

‘Alright!’ Grabbing the spoon, he ran back upstairs to where the monster was again waiting for him.

‘ROOAARR!’ it growled when it saw him.

‘Monster!’ Michael stood tall with the spoon ready. ‘My mum says if you don’t go away I can wha-’

‘ROOAARR!’ growled the monster as it raced forward.

‘Yaaaarrrgh!’ Michael cried as both the spoon and his arms flew into the air. Then, without looking back, he ran into his room and slammed the door.

This time, once the monster had gone, he went downstairs to find his older sister. She was in the back yard hanging out the washing.


‘Hey, Michael, what’s up?’ she asked, tucking a lock of blonde hair behind one ear.

‘There’s a monster in the hallway upstairs that keeps scaring me.’

‘Really? A monster?’ She ruffled up his hair.

‘Yes,’ he huffed and looked at the ground. ‘Every time I go up there it jumps out and scares me.’

‘Why don’t you go play at the park or something? Surely it’ll be gone when you get back?’

“No, it’ll still be there.’ He stomped around in frustration. ‘You have to help me!’

‘Oh, all right.’ She sighed as she hung out the last of the clothes. ‘Come with me.’ She picked up the empty basket and walked towards the house.

Inside, he followed her to their mother’s sewing room where she took an old cloth bag and a pair of scissors. She began to cut holes in the bag and finding some pieces of cloth in a drawer, she attached them to the outside until it was almost completely covered. When she had finished, she slipped the bag over his head, so that his eyes, nose and mouth could be seen through the holes. She then held up a little mirror for him to see.

He looked like the scariest monster he had ever seen.

Taking off the bag, he ran into the kitchen and asked his mother for a couple of cookies on a plate. This time when he climbed the stairs, he was careful not to make a sound. He placed the plate and the cookies just outside his room and thumped loudly on the floor before rushing into his room. Hiding behind the door, he pulled the scary bag over his head.

As the monster came along the hall to investigate the cookies, Michael leapt through the doorway growing loudly, ‘ROOAARR!’

‘Yaaaarrrgh!’ the monster cried, and as it did, its head came off, leaving his brother Paul standing there with a frightened look on his face.

‘ROOAARR!’ Michael growled again, and Paul ran off down the hallway to his room and slammed the door.

With the bag still on his head, Michael picked up the cookies and went into his room ready to scare his brother again.