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Can’t Let Go

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Mel ducked low in her seat. She chanced a look through the front windscreen at the car that had gone past. It wasn’t Darren’s. She exhaled sharply and screwed up her nose in annoyance. Running a hand through her hair, she looked across at his apartment block a few houses down on the other side of the road.

I shouldn’t be here.

She knew he’d be angry if he saw her here and he might even accuse her of stalking him. But by sitting here outside his apartment wasn’t that exactly what she was doing? Stalking him? If only he hadn’t insisted on no contact after the break up.

Mel heard another car approaching. She was about to duck again when she saw it wasn’t his silver sedan. Once it had passed she dropped her head into her hands, her blonde hair cascading over her fingers and through the gaps in the steering wheel.

Why am I so jumpy? What am I even doing here?

This wasn’t like her at all. She worried about men stalking her, not the other way around! Yet here she was stalking a man she’d dated for less than a year. The thing was, she still couldn’t understand why they’d stopped seeing each other in the first place.

Where is he? He’s usually home by now.

The connection between them had been something crazy. His touch was like electricity and his kiss… She closed her eyes and breathed deeply as she pondered his lips; their soft moistness when they touched hers, the prickle of his stubble and that fuzzy feeling it gave her.

A car went by and her eyes flicked open to see the colour silver. A wave of apprehension rolled over her, but cleared when she realised it wasn’t his.

This is stupid. I shouldn’t be here.

He’d be home any time now and he’d see the car with her inside. He’d come right over and demand a reason why she was here with an annoyed look on his face – a look she’d always found so damn cute. But she had no idea what she would say.

She swung the sun flap down and peered into the mirror. She looked pale, with bags heavy beneath her eyes. Her brow furrowed as she cast her eyes slowly down.

Why am I doing this?

Her phone rang.

The sudden, sharp tone caused her to jump and she caught her head on the rounded edge of the sun flap. Picking up the phone, she rubbed her forehead and looked at the screen. It was her roommate.

“Jeannie?” she asked, trying to keep an even tone. “What’s up?”

“Hey, Mel. Where are you?” Jeannie’s voice sounded a little concerned.

“I’m…ah…in the car. On the way home.”

“You alright? You don’t sound your cheerful self.”

“No, no I’m fine.” Another car went past and she watched it stop at the end of the street and turn left. “The phone startled me, that’s all. What’s up?”

“Are you and Darren back together?”

Mel almost choked. “What?” She tried to compose herself again. “Um, no, not that I’m aware of. What makes you think that?”

“Well, he’s sitting in his car across the road. He’s been there for like an hour.”

Deep furrows again appeared in Mel’s brow as she pondered what she’d just heard. But as the moments passed, her face smoothed and the slightest of smiles began to grow.


“Sorry, yeah, I’m here,” she said quickly. “He’s outside our house? For an hour?”

“Yeah, it’s like he’s stalking you or something. Want me to call the cops?”

“No, don’t do that!” Mel shook her head and chuckled. “I’m on my way and I’ll talk to him when I get there.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, won’t be long.” She put the phone down, took a brush from her bag and ran it through her hair. Then, with an increasingly excited smile, she started the car and pulled out into the street.


© AJ Key 2013


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